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This Is Me.

Welcome. I am so glad you are here! Ally Rae is the name and connection is the game. My journey started in Cleveland, Oh (born & raised) took a left turn across the country to Seattle, WA and most recently curved its way down to Denver, CO. I am on a mission through Bliss & Breathe to create, empower and connect through blissful movement.


Movement creates us, shake us, builds us, and most importantly 

CONNECTS us. Movement and yoga saved me, healed me and is what continues to heal. It is the binding power of what communities are built on.

I began running at 8 years old as a way to connect with my dad. Running was always my form of therapy, until it was not. At 17, I turned to yoga for movement when I stepped into my first yoga class as part of my recovery from anorexia and orthorexia. The first moment in class, I was told to breathe. I panicked. I thought I knew how to breathe? What does this even mean? I wish I could say that I was hooked from the very first class and that I was changed in that moment, but just like all things in life, it is a process. Yoga is an everlasting, constant process filled with patience and trust.

Running has now become that for me too. I believe all movement can and should be blissful. I believe we all deserve to move as a way to celebrate our bodies, not from a place of force. My goal with creating Bliss & Breathe is to share all of this and more in the spirit of connecting and building through joyful movement and collective breath. Join me in the pursuit of loving and BECOMING your whole self ~ mind, body and soul.

You are enough always. 

Ally Rae 

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Run Coaching
Yoga Teaching


I have a vast experience working with a wide-range of communities and individuals including: youth, underserved and at-risk populations, corporations, college students and more! This experience ranges from 1:1 settings to large group settings with over 200+ people.

I look forward to determining how we can best partner!

Let's Connect

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Thank you so much for reaching out! We look forward to connecting with you!

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