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Bliss& Breathe

Bliss (n. Great Joy)

Breathe (v. live, pause, feel free of restraint)

Bliss & Breathe

What do you feel when you hear the word Bliss? Does it evoke memories of favorite places, people? Are you reminded of that feeling deep in your core that brings peace, joy, connection to your body?

Bliss reminds me of home. I found yoga at Inner Bliss Yoga in Cleveland, OH and in finding yoga and collective authentic movement, the meaning of Bliss completely shifted for me. Bliss also reminds me of so many moments running freely and moving our bodies for joy.

Bliss extends beyond joy and happiness. Bliss is that state where you are in a deep sense of flow. Bliss happens when we can be open, vulnerable and recognize the challenges that life brings AND choose to feel these feelings while holding on to moments of BLISS.

Through our collective breath we connect with ourselves and others. Through breath we unite as one, free of restraint. Through feeling our breath move through our bodies, freely - we know we are so deeply capable and alive.

With Bliss & Breathe we are on a mission to build community through breath and authentic movement to create impact in our lives and beyond.

Bliss & Breathe is centered on 3 main principles 

  1. Bliss (the flow), Breath (the connector), Beyond (impact bigger than oneself)

  2. Build, empower and create communities and community leaders through connective movement

  3. Cultivate self worth and empowerment through moving our bodies for joy not force

Come join in one of the yoga offerings, connect through run coaching or just engage via the contact form!


Aspen, CO

Cleveland, OH

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