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Lakewood Park, Lakewood, OH

Bliss'n Run

Run Coaching to empower you to be all you can be and find your BLISS! #empoweredrunner


My mission is to provide individualized training plans, empowerment, self-love and bliss through intentional running and movement. I love to work with runners at any level, but especially the beginning runner or a runner who doubts their ability to be a "runner." I have also worked with runners with history of disordered eating and/or disordered relationship to movement. My passion is to support you in truly finding joy in moving your body because you CAN not because you have to.

I firmly believe that we are all runners and that every person can find joy through authentic movement! I began running at 8 years old with her Dad, where I fell in love with the joy of running. No matter what you think your ability as a runner is and no matter your goals, I will be with you every step of the way - supporting, empowering and believing in you to be your best self!


As a yoga teacher and brings the principles of full mind, body, soul into her coaching. I have run multiple half marathons, three full marathons and genuinely loves to run for joy, connection and community. I deeply believe in the healing power of movement and want to support all individuals in finding this for themselves. I am fully committed to empowering you to be all that you can be!  

Coaching Program

  • 45-Minute Intro meeting with history, evaluation, & goal setting

  • Customized run training plan built for you and your goals - including strength & mobility programmed via FinalSurge 

  • Unlimited in-app communication + feedback 

  • Monthly coaching calls

  • Goal setting/race strategy call

  • Guidance on fueling & hydration, recovery

Investment: $179/month

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